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We’re a small team with a big promise  – to get you results with video. We’ll take the time to understand your goals and audience, and push you to do what works. Not what feels safe. 


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The Team

Garth Dew
Director & Producer

Chay Turner-Richards
Camera Operator & Editor

Ben Hackett
Photographer & Editor

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Our story

“I started GD Video in 2014. After a few years, I thought my portfolio was lacking impact…

So I decided to shoot a documentary about a local rugby player called Oga Mabaya.

The inspiring video blew up in the rugby community and changed both Oga’s life and my business.

That project showed me the power of storytelling and triggering people’s emotions.

And that’s why when we work with you, we’ll take the time to understand your audience and what matters to them.

Because if people don’t feel something when they watch your videos, they won’t act.”

Our clients

We’ve worked with over 75 clients including the best brands and businesses in Lancashire and beyond

I was really impressed…
I was really impressed with the ‘Get To Know…’ documentary series. It looked crisp and clean, told the stories effectively and has performed extremely well on social media.

One of the UK’s largest music event ticket outlets

I’d highly recommend GD Video…

We’ve used GD Video for a number of our recent videos. They have shown great patience and an eye for detail, coupled with a creative edge, which has led to videos we’re extremely happy with. I’d highly recommend GD Video.

An Oscar award-winning company specialising in music consoles, outboard equipment and post-production

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