The National School of Forestry

A promotional film for the National School of Forestry based in the Lake District

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Garth tells the story…


“I was worried the morning of this shoot…

I’d been hired by the National School of Forestry at the University of Cumbria to shoot a promo video for their course.

It was short notice, with minimal planning, and we only had one day to get everything.

When my runner and I arrived at Grizedale Forest, it was absolutely chucking it down. You only see that kind of rain in The Lakes.

The rain was so bad I knew that we couldn’t use most of our gear.

I thought about abandoning the shoot all together.

Anyway, I decided to put my water proof cover on my C100mkii and crack on regardless.

All handheld, one lens.

We followed the students around as they went through their class and captured as much as we could, with my runner holding a brolly over my head.

Soon, my worry, and the rain, went away.

The soft light amongst the trees meant the footage actually looked great, and there was this authentic look to the whole thing.

Drenched, we headed back to campus to film some interviews and then clocked off by going for a pint in Ambleside with all the students and lecturers.

The edit came together beautifully and it’s still one of my favourite videos over 2 years on.

It showed how much location and light matters. If you have that you don’t need flashy gear, just the basics and an eye.”

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