Work Hard, Keep Pushing

Work Hard, Keep Pushing’ tells the story of rugby player Oga Mabaya. Oga was born in Zimbabwe in 1990 but left in 2005 to escape the economic crisis and seek better opportunities in England with his family.

Moving to a rural town in the North of England proved to be a difficult transition for Oga, but he used his love for rugby to help himself integrate into a new country, make new friends and lead a better life.

Oga dreamt of playing 1st XV rugby for his adopted club, Preston Grasshoppers, but with a self professed lack of talent and physical ability that seemed unlikely. However, Oga committed to doing everything that he could to make that dream a reality, and his story is testament to the old adage that there is no substitute for hard work.

Oga says, ‘I am no superstar, but I’m the best version of me that I can be.’

In the end, that’s all we can strive for, and hopefully this film will give everyone the belief and motivation to go out and achieve their goals, no matter how big, small, or insignificant they may seem to others.

Shot and cut by Garth Dew
Music – ‘Soaring’ by Dan Phillipson